Welcome back to Fall 2017! We’re excited to introduce you to our new website. We’ve simplified the website to make it easier for you to get to the information that you need to know as quickly as possible.

You’ll notice that the homepage now displays a map of the routes that provide service for the period of the year that we’re in. The map will update once a second with the location of the buses, and if the route is in service. You can click on the route name under “Route Status” to be taken to the individual route page. We’ve also provided the service dates so you’ll know when buses will run during the year. As a reminder, buses will not be in service during University Holidays, such as Thanksgiving and the Friday after Thanksgiving.

On each individual route page, you’ll be able to see the map for just that route. We’ve also provided PDF maps and schedules that you can download and print. Under that you can find the service dates, along with the days of the week that the route is in service. Finally, you can see if the route requires a fare, and what the cost is.

We’ve partnered with TransLoc to provide you with a new bus tracking experience. The buses will update once a second when viewing the map on the web, or on the mobile apps. When viewing a map on the web you may see “Announcements”, and on the mobile app there’s a tab for “Announcements”. These are important updates that we need everyone to be aware of. This is where we’ll post any updates, such as if a route needs to go out of service, or if there’s a detour that might cause delays in service. You can click on any stop location to see the arrival prediction for that stop, along with what routes service that stop.

We recommend that everyone download the new mobile app provided by TransLoc! We are aware of the issues with our last mobile app, which was built in house off of information that we were able to gather from our previous GPS provider. Our new mobile app is built and maintained by TransLoc, which will ensure that you have a more reliable experience. To download the new app for your phone, you can search “TransLoc Rider” on your respective App Store, or visit for links to download it.