“Anteater Express is a committed team of anteaters dedicated to providing safe, reliable and cost-conscious transportation. We do this with the highest quality of customer service delivered with pride, passion and spirit, which we call Bus Love.”

Working for Anteater Express allows you to experience “Bus Love” first-hand. It is a rewarding job that allows UC Irvine students to provide reliable transportation to the campus community. Our team is passionate about providing a valued public service and is committed to helping passengers travel safely to their destination.

Operator Position

Full-time students who are in good academic standing with the University are eligible to work for Anteater Express. Operators must commit to work at least 13.5 hours per week, and are responsible for the inspection and safe operation of buses while providing exemplary customer service.

Advancement Opportunities

After one year of employment with Anteater Express, operators are eligible to apply to the following positions: Operations and/or Trainer. These roles are critical to Anteater Express, providing support to the full-time training and operations staff. Candidates are selected based upon a proven track record of dedication, reliability, and adherence to program policies and procedures. Once selected, operators undergo comprehensive training to prepare them for the many challenges that accompany each position. Operators also receive additional compensation for the added responsibilities.


Operations members are tasked with keeping the daily bus operation running smoothly and being first responders to out-of-the-ordinary situations that may arise. They are also responsible for coordinating various logistical components of the daily operation including bus swaps, operator relief, and dispatch communication with operators in the field.


Trainers work with our full-time staff to teach new hires how to properly inspect and operate Anteater Express buses. They are responsible for ensuring that all operators are adept at performing their required duties. Although the primary emphasis of the position is to train new hires during the summer, trainers are also responsible for conducting operator evaluations and on-going compulsory training to maintain operator proficiency.

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