Bus Love Advisory Board

What is Bus Love?

The purpose of the Bus Love Advisory Board is a committed team of Anteaters dedicated to providing safe, reliable, and cost conscious transportation. They represent “Bus Love”. The Anteater Express Initiative is a quarterly undergraduate student fee of $8 that will increase annually in accordance with the 2013 AEI vote. Board members are expected to make an attempt to attend all meetings, follow ASUCI Code of Ethics and accommodate the needs of students, and approve the Bus Love budget annually, and promote the Bus Love survey and reach out to them to inform them about the bus services. There are three at-large student representatives to be appointed by ASUCI.

Click here for the Bus Love Board By-Laws


At-Large Student Representatives – Jenning Lai, Darlene Pham, Anmol Gill
ASUCI Internal Vice President – Hannah Quach
ASUCI Senate – Damian Clogher
Student Government Student Media – Robert M. Schumm, Sr.
Division of Finance & Administration – Maria Ruvalcaba
Resident Housing Association – Emily Zaman
Anteater Express – Tim Rudek
American Campus Communities – Emily Stout
Disability Services Center – Scott Serrantino