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Route fares start Oct 1st

All routes are free to ride during Welcome Week 2018. Starting Monday, October 1st, we begin collecting fares and checking passes on the W Line (West Irvine). We will also begin collecting fares on the D Line (District-Diamond Jamboree) and the S Line (Irvine Spectrum) during Week 1. All other routes are free.

For more information about fares, please visit the “Fares” section of our website under “How to Ride.”

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2018 – 2019 Route Changes

Anteater Express is implementing a few routing changes for the 2018-2019 school year. The shuttle frequencies and arrival/departure times at the Admin stop will remain the same as previous years. Please note the routing changes below:

  • N Line (Vista del Campo Norte – Admin)
    • Stop Changes
      • Admin stop is now on the south side of Campus Dr. under Watson Bridge (next to Barclay Theater)
      • Campus-Cornell stop is now on the south side of Campus Dr. (next to Puerta del Sol)
    • M Line transfer stop (Drop-Off-Only) is still at the corner of Arroyo Dr. and California Ave.


  • V Line (Vista del Campo – Admin)
    • Stop Changes
      • Admin stop is now on the north side of Campus Dr. under Watson Bride (next to Chick-fil-a)
    • New M Line transfer stop – south side of Campus Dr. at Campus-Cornell (next to Albertsons)
      • When transferring to the M Line, use the crosswalk at Campus-Cornell and board the shuttle at the M Line stop next to Puerta del Sol (bus shelter)
      • The V Line will no longer stop at the corner of Arroyo Dr. and California Ave.
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Summer Service

The W Line will not be in service during the summer, but will return to normal service at the beginning of Fall Quarter 2018. For more information about alternative transportation options for W Line patrons during the summer, please reference the following links on the UCI Parking and Transportation website:

OC Bus: https://www.parking.uci.edu/AT/modes/OCTA.cfm
Waze Carpool: ​https://www.parking.uci.edu/AT/modes/wazecarpool.cfm

We will be providing Hs Line service over the summer.

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Bus Love Board Survey

Dear Anteaters,


The 2017-2018 Anteater Express Bus Love Survey is now released into your EEE. The survey will last from Week 8 to Week 9. Through this survey, you will be able to voice your opinions about the Anteater Express Shuttle service and Ring Road Rides. Your responses for this survey will evaluate how effective we are addressing transportation concerns and serving you as an Anteater.

Please fill out the survey here:


  • Keep in mind, your participation is completely voluntary; whereas, your responses will be kept confidential.

Completing the survey will enter you into a drawing for a pair of Regal movie tickets. 10 winners will be chosen at the end of Week 8 as well as Week 9 for a total of 20 winners! There is a good chance the winner might be you! Be on the lookout for an email if you are a winner.

The survey consists of only 17 questions and should take less than 5 minutes to complete! This survey is very important and can give us feedback to help us serve you better.

Thank you very much for your time and cooperation!

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate and contact us:


Chair—Brittany Nguyen
Vice-Chair—Henry Chan
Anteater Express Bus Love Advisory Board
Associated Students at University of California, Irvine

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The W Line is back!

** Updated Information posted 5/11: While a new funding agreement is in place, patrons of the W Line will still be required to pay a fare to offset the costs of running service.  The current fare options will remain, including cash fares when boarding the shuttle, prepaid 18-ride cards, or quarterly, unlimited ride passes.  More information regarding payment options will be posted on the Anteater Express website in the coming months. **


UCI Campus Community,

Earlier this year, Anteater Express announced the cancellation of the W-Line (West Irvine) bus route at the conclusion of the current academic year due to a discontinuation of funding. Since this announcement, several members of the campus community have come together to hear the concerns of students and UCI affiliates who depend on this service to get to campus. Members of ASUCI came together to meet with Administration to try and come up with various possibilities to continue the Line as well as outside entities, such as the City of Irvine, The Irvine Company, and OCTA. Unfortunately, ideal solutions and ideas that were brought forth by multiple people to these entities were not feasible, but ASUCI still wanted to find a solution.

Members of the Bus Love Initiative Funding Board, a board that works with Anteater Express and makes many of the decisions regarding the disbursement of student-provided funds for the shuttles, became committed to finding a way to service these individuals.

The Bus Love Board and Anteater Express are happy to announce that the W-Line WILL RETURN for the 2018-2019 and 2019-2020 academic year!

**With a 2-year funding guarantee, this will allow the W-Line to run during the academic year ONLY – Fall, Winter, Spring. We will have more information about the W Line route information and changes for the upcoming academic year posted on the Anteater Express website at www.shuttle.uci.edu in the coming months.**

As always, the Board is committed to satisfying student needs and creating a sustainable future for our campus. We would like to thank our campus partners and those who were instrumental in finding solutions to ensure the continuation of all current routing.

Bus Love!

Brittany Nguyen
ASUCI Internal Vice President

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Electric Bus Update

“Pure Electric” is here! 
We’ve received the first three buses and they’re ready for service.  Be on the lookout for them on the road tomorrow (Friday, 2/2)!
The remainder of the fleet will begin arriving and going into service throughout the month!

Originally Posted: October 9th, 2017
Hello Anteater Express Passengers,

As many of you know, our current diesel fleet is scheduled for retirement with the introduction of a brand new fleet of electric buses. While we hoped to receive all of our new buses during Summer 2017 for a Fall Quarter 2017 roll-out, a significant production delay from the manufacturer, BYD Motors Inc, has required us to use our current fleet longer than we anticipated.

Our new buses will be larger both in vehicle length and passenger capacity, which is the reason why we made many routing changes that took effect for Fall Quarter 2017. We anticipate receiving the buses throughout this quarter beginning in mid-November and will introduce them into service as soon as possible.

We apologize for the inconvenience this manufacturer delay has caused and want to thank you for your patience. We look forward to having you all continue riding along with us as we complete our transition to a 100% electric bus fleet!

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Route Changes for Fall 2017

Route Changes for Fall Quarter 2017

Hello Anteaters! With the new school year comes new changes to our routing to become more efficient and improve service to our passengers!

A Line:

  • This route is discontinued
  • Stops on other routes serving the Arroyo Vista Apartments:
    • C Line
      • Stop located at the bench near the lower entrance to Lot AV2 (Formerly A Line Stop #1)
      • Camino del Sol Stop #2
    • N Line
      • VDCN Stop #3
    • M Line
      • East Campus Housing Stop on California Ave. at Arroyo Dr.
    • Stops serving the ARC:
      • M Line
        • Anteater Recreation Center Stop on California at Adobe Circle Rd. South

C Line:

  • Added a third bus
  • Added a stop at the bench near the lower entrance to Lot AV2 (Formerly A Line Stop #1)

H Line:

  • Added an additional bus Monday-Thursday nights
  • Added an additional bus Friday afternoons
  • Added a stop at the bench near the lower entrance to Lot AV2 (Formerly A Line AV Stop #1)
  • Relocated stops:
    • The 3 stops in the VDC Parking lot have been consolidated into 2 stops on Arroyo Dr.

M Line:

  • Discontinued stops:
    • Mesa Court Housing Office
    • University Hills & Donald Bren Hall (East Peltason Dr. at Los Trancos Dr.)
  • Relocated Stop:
    • The MSTB/PSLH/Lot 12B stop has been moved from inside the parking lot to the newly constructed bus cutlet on East Peltason Dr. next to the MSTB Building

V Line:

  • Relocated stops:
    • The 3 stops in the VDC Parking lot have been consolidated into 2 stops on Arroyo Dr.
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New Website, GPS, and Mobile Apps!

Welcome back to Fall 2017! We’re excited to introduce you to our new website. We’ve simplified the website to make it easier for you to get to the information that you need to know as quickly as possible.

You’ll notice that the homepage now displays a map of the routes that provide service for the period of the year that we’re in. The map will update once a second with the location of the buses, and if the route is in service. You can click on the route name under “Route Status” to be taken to the individual route page. We’ve also provided the service dates so you’ll know when buses will run during the year. As a reminder, buses will not be in service during University Holidays, such as Thanksgiving and the Friday after Thanksgiving.

On each individual route page, you’ll be able to see the map for just that route. We’ve also provided PDF maps and schedules that you can download and print. Under that you can find the service dates, along with the days of the week that the route is in service. Finally, you can see if the route requires a fare, and what the cost is.

We’ve partnered with TransLoc to provide you with a new bus tracking experience. The buses will update once a second when viewing the map on the web, or on the mobile apps. When viewing a map on the web you may see “Announcements”, and on the mobile app there’s a tab for “Announcements”. These are important updates that we need everyone to be aware of. This is where we’ll post any updates, such as if a route needs to go out of service, or if there’s a detour that might cause delays in service. You can click on any stop location to see the arrival prediction for that stop, along with what routes service that stop.

We recommend that everyone download the new mobile app provided by TransLoc! We are aware of the issues with our last mobile app, which was built in house off of information that we were able to gather from our previous GPS provider. Our new mobile app is built and maintained by TransLoc, which will ensure that you have a more reliable experience. To download the new app for your phone, you can search “TransLoc Rider” on your respective App Store, or visit https://www.shuttle.uci.edu/mobile for links to download it.

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