Safety & Training

Anteater Express is committed to safety. From the drivers to the buses, Anteater Express exercises strict measures to ensure all aspects of the service exceed transit safety standards. Our mission is to protect the welfare of our passengers, our drivers, fellow motorists, cyclists, and pedestrians.

Prior to Training

Prior to beginning their training, all Anteater Express drivers complete the following:
- Department of Transportation Medical Examination
- Pre-employment Drug Screening
- Driving Record Check through DMV
- Obtain Commercial Driver Permit (Class B)


All Anteater Express drivers attend a 2 week training course that prepares them for the demanding task of being a bus driver that includes the following:
- Classroom Instruction
- Vehicle Inspections
- Skilled Maneuvers
- Driving Proficiency
- Route Training
- Anteater Express Policies
- Emergency Procedures
- Accident Procedures
- Customer Service
- ADA Accommodations

As a Driver

Once the initial training process is complete, all drivers receive ongoing feedback and training including the following:
- Quarterly Safety Meetings
- Quarterly Evaluations
- Driving Record Monitoring
- Random Drug and Alcohol Screening
- Post-Accident Training
- Annual Proficiency Training
- Complaint Follow-Up

Fleet Safety

Anteater Express insures that vehicles are in compliance with all regulations pertaining to the operation of commercial vehicles. This includes:
- Daily Vehicle Inspections Prior to Operation
- Daily Vehicle Inspections After Operation
- Regular Preventative Maintenance Inspections and Service
- Annual Review by the California Highway Patrol

Staff Certifications

Anteater Express Supervisors have taken numerous courses through the Transportation Safety Institute (TSI), Department of Homeland Security (DHS), and Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), which includes:
- Transit Supervisor Certification (TSI)
- Bus Collision Prevention and Investigation (TSI)
- Transit Response to Bus Hijacking (TSI)
- Identifying IED Threats to Public Transit (TSI)
- Transit Instructor Certification (TSI)
- Transit Terrorist Tools and Tactics (DHS)
- Employer Testing Program Examiner Certification (DMV)
- Smith System Instructor Certification
- CPR/AED/Standard First Aid through the American Red Cross
- UCI Search and Rescue